Monstrous Trucks

Monstrous Trucks is another Monster Truck driving video game for you to enjoy.  It has some driving and balancing elements that is similar to a lot of the other awesome driving games that are out there.  But the difference in the Monstrous Trucks video game is that you are not only trying to keep your monster truck balanced as you race over the jumps and obstacles but you are also competing and racing against other monster truck drivers who do not want to see you win the Monstrous Trucks race.  At the beginning of the Monstrous Trucks racing video game you get to choose from several different monster trucks and get ready for the monster truck race of your life.  Keep your monster truck balanced, race fast, don"t crash and try to win the Monstrous Trucks race so you can unlock tougher courses and see if you have what it takes to beat the other drivers to the finish line.